Youtube users and proxies

The internet is this free and open place that allows for expression of anything you want. If for any reason people were to get this right taken away from them there would be a massive backlash to the body (more than likely a government) that would be enforcing this. There are already some governments today that like to block things. Such as video sites like youtube and netflix. Even some of the large news websites get blocked too. They do no want any one being able to opposed their views. If you have this ability you are a threat to them.

People have found ways around these restrictions. More often then not for example a site like youtube people have come up with a youtube proxy that enables them to access the blocked website. However even websites like those are not a full solution. Websites like those if they become big enough can be blocked. So for this same reason many of these websites are made so if one gets blocked another one is there to take its place. We so many new sites being made everyday it is near impossible for governing bodies to get full control and block all of the sites.

Another popular solution is the use of vpn services. These services route all of your traffic via their network which has no restrictions. This method is even great for applications. Unlike web proxies it is not soly web based and you can run anything over it. Some of the most popular uses include torrenting and netflix streaming to name a few. At the moment netflix does not allow access to its service to the whole world. So users that reside in a country that does not have access to netflix can purchase netflix via a vpn and are able to watch their content as if they were sitting in front of a computer here in the US.

In summary no matter what goverments attempt to do to limit the internet there are plenty of smart people that will find some sort of way to bypass these restrictions. Stay smart.